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Computer Based Training

Computer-based training can be called computer supported training or computer-assisted training. Despite the name used, computer based training delivers education and training using a computer rather than through a real human teacher. The computer in this case plays the role of a teacher and the student or learner can communicate and interact with the computer using a keyboard and mouse or even voice. In this type of education the student uses the computer to demonstrate his learning by presenting his work to the teacher. The teacher can use a visual display such as a video screen or a text box and ask the student to indicate his work by clicking on it or making various movements on the screen.

Some of the benefits of computer based training is that there is no travel time for the student and he does not have to buy the books because they can be downloaded from the Internet. This type of training saves both time and money and there is an availability of many quality online training programs for different levels. Online courses are designed keeping in mind the requirements of both teachers and learners. They contain materials that are easy to use so that the process of learning is quick and easy. Some of the common online training courses include web site design, database management, basic Microsoft Office applications, database development, testing, internet marketing, web server functioning, email marketing, online advertising, website promotion and e commerce.
Computer Based Training programs are developed by third parties who use modern technology like web applications, audio and video files, multi-media content delivery protocols (MMS, Flash, etc), and secure remote access software to deliver the content to the learners. Some of the benefits of e-learning are that they are convenient and offer more features compared to print based courses. The e-learning industry is growing at a rapid pace. E-learning involves easy, interactive communication between students and trainers through the Internet. There are a number of companies that offer e learning services and cbt work experience programs.
Computer based training programs are designed for all levels of learners, from newbie to experienced programmers. The learning modules can be divided into various categories like training, functionalities, deployment, and configuration. The training programs are delivered through CDs, DVDs, online classes, and softwares. Some of the popular training programs available are:
Web-based training offers many benefits over traditional classroom-based training programs. Learners can take up the course at their own pace and time. If a learner doesn’t have enough time to complete the entire course, he or she can choose to prioritize certain sections of the course and complete these first. They have the option to repeat parts of a lesson if needed. An e-learning course can be implemented as per the needs of the company. It can be used to replace classroom based training programs or as an enhancement to them.
Computer Based Training is highly effective and can help users acquire new skills at their own pace. It reduces overall cost of training as well. It provides excellent results and helps the learner retain the knowledge acquired. Moreover, e-learning does not provide the face-to-face interaction that is missing in traditional classroom based training programs.