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International Cafe & The Power of Community

This past Friday my family and I were able to make another International Cafe, due to the sunny warm day, tables and chairs were  moved outdoors to the grass area and the monastery garden served as a backdrop for our community meeting. At the first International Cafe a few months ago I remember everyone was a little nervous not knowing what to expect but this time faces had become familiar and the tone was very relaxed. Everyone was invited, the hospice residence, locals and of course the refugees themselves. [gallery type="columns" columns="2" size="full" ids="7005,7006"] People came and went, kids played and everyone enjoyed coffee and cake outdoors, I did my best to keep track of my small one who was all over every square inch of the garden, she didn't leave a stone unturned! I walked over to…

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Monastery Garden

Referring to my yard as a Garden was something that was new to me when I came to Germany, I've only used the word Garden in reference to my flowerbeds or vegetable patch, Germans on the other hand use it to reference to their entire green area or parks. As I've mentioned German culture thoroughly embraces an outdoor lifestyle year round using both home and public gardens as extended living spaces. If you were to visit Germany I would encourage a stop at any public garden especially during the warmer months to see the lifestyle in full swing, a good example would be the English Garden in Munich | München, an urban garden larger then New York's Central Park. If you would like to see something more intimate I would suggest a visit to a Monastery | Kloster, the…

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Roasted Garlic Hummus

As I mentioned in the White Bean Vichyssoise post at the beginning of each week I prepare a bean & seed to factor into my families meals throughout the week. Beans I simply cook in lightly salted water, drain & refrigerate and since I like seeds earthy I give them a quick toast in a bit of oil before storing them in a glass jar. It's a great way to have something healthy on hand that keeps you ahead of the prep game and honestly you can't go wrong with beans, you can make just about anything with them and seeds are a flavorful add to any salad or even rice. *My latest seed combinations I can't seem to get enough of are Pumpkin & Sunflower and a mix of both black and white Sesame seeds*  Garbanzos | Kircherebse were…

Roasted Garlic Hummus
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Fürstenfelder Garden Day 2016

The Ice Saints, a popular bit of folklore in Southern Bavaria & Austria referencing to the last nightly frosts of Spring were showing their true colors at the Fürstenfelder Garden Day | Fürstenfelder Gartentage, I'd read about this event from our community board in our village, figured It's only an hours drive and I'd never been to Fürstenfeld plus it looked like a great opportunity to pick up the last of my herbs for Spring planting. I was expecting a few vendors, beer garden and maybe a little play area for the kids, it turned out to be much more and I'm glad the wacky weather didn't keep us from such a nice event on the grounds of the Fürstenfeld Monastery. Be sure to click on the link for an aerial shot of the monastery, I haven't figured out…

Spring Roses